3-D Billboards and Big 30 Foot Smurfs!

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I need to do less things that are secret. Right now I am doing some contract work so I can’t show any pictures of that. And I’m working on designs that will be submitted to magazines (print & online) so I can’t show those either. Hey, I can show you a dyeing picture. Results that I’m really happy with:


The good news is that I consider this yarn pretty close to perfect. I wanted a rich semi-solid scarlet color and I got it. The bad news is that I doubt I could ever recreate these results. The dyepot foamed. And the dyes split and looked at me with bonafide crazy eyes. I had to put a plate into the dyepot to keep the yarn from rising above the foam. It was insane. And this was base yarn and dyes I’ve used before. And I can find no logical explanation for the foaming dyepot. But hey, it’s pretty, yes?

In other news, everybody wants to be naked and famous. (That’s a really great song by the Presidents of the United States of America, so get your mind out of the gutter.) But someone I know and love is on the road to fame and fortune and taking over the fibery world. She is easiest the most creative person I know. And her stuff is in Knitscene this month!!!

In other news, I am crazy. I have overextended myself in ways that should not be humanly possible. Like I don’t need a clone, I need about five clones to get it all done on time. I’m thinking sleep is overrated, yes?


  1. Daniele

    Ahhh. Reds are the hardest for me to dye. That came out great.
    Yay Sugarbee!!!!

  2. Jackie

    It IS perfect and I love it!
    Great press for Sugarbee! I’m thrilled for her!


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