A band-aid for the miss-yous?

by | Aug 1, 2008 | Uncategorized

I’m actually rather tired of people moving away or otherwise disappearing. I miss Missy too. So my answer to that problem is to post her face all over Ravelry, wearing my new sweater pattern. Mwahahahaha! See it in the sidebar or on the patterns page.
Life is throwing cow patties at me lately, but today I woke up and decided that I was done with that. Yesterday I got a tremendous amount of design work today, and today I did the same. I’m rocking and rolling now. I was going to take some stash photos this afternoon but it’s Florida, and the afternoon monsoons are rolling in, so it’s dark and grey. I will resist the urge to cast-on with my new Silk Garden sock (swoon) and I will do a bit more work. I think there’s a pile of stitch dictionaries and a cup of hot tea with my name on it!



  1. Eric

    I can’t afford to move away. I’m stuck.
    But when I win the lottery, I’m buying my own island, just for knitters.

    And, you’re drinking hot tea? What’s your a/c set at?


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