A Fresh Start!

by | Jul 2, 2016 | About

Things have been crazy around these parts. Even crazier than normal. I live with a certain level of insanity and I embrace it, but lately things have been just too much. 

But that was then, and this is now. Now is my brand new website. What do you think? Still lots of things to come including full galleries of all of my designs, but it’s getting there. 

You may not have known, but for the first half of this year I went back into the workforce. The job was fun and not too taxing, and the people were beyond lovely, but it was torture. After spending 12+ years in charge of my own time, I could not stand being required to be somewhere 30 hours a week. And my business suffered terribly. Because when I got home all I wanted to do was veg. And veg I did.

But I veg no more. 

The last month at work I got to plotting. And to planning. And to getting my ducks in a row so I could come back home, revitalize my business, and take care of my family on MY terms. 

So if you’re a knitter, I have beautiful designs and helpful tutorials coming your way.

And if you are a designer, I am spending part of my time doing Technical Editing. I’ve put my years of designing experience to good work editing patterns for designers, publishers, and yarn companies. And my math loving brain could not be happier. 

Also for designers I have a bunch of other helpful, awesome stuff in the pipeline. So watch this space! 

The other thing I learned from the last year is that I must take care of myself. So while I will be rocking and rolling in the business department, I will also be taking care of me. Because if you don’t plan in some downtime, the universe will force you down. Ask me how I know. 


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