A love/hate relationship

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nablo0209120x90So I rejoined NaBloPoMo for February. I really enjoyed posting everyday in November, and February is a short month, so why the heck not? The theme for February is Want. Which is interesting, and very thought-provoking. Luckily I want for nothing that I need. But I still want. And I want a lot. And it all. And so on and so forth…

But today has been about love and hate. Things I love and hate.

First up music. I love music! All sorts of music. Today I listened to an hour or so of Classic Vinyl on Sirius and educated the boys on the best guitar players. And I listened to the Flaming Lips, and Rufus Wainwright, and some Julia Nunes. I adore music. All kinds.


I HATE webpages that automatically play music. Hate it! I love going to new blogs and webpages and such but just to let you know if your page is playing music and I can’t immediately stop it, I will go away and not come back. Sometimes the esc key works, but mostly not. And I know a lot of folks agree with me. So would-be internet phenoms – consider that.

I love designing. I especially love designing with Sugarbee‘s yarn. This month’s sock club yarn is beautiful and soft and is working up exactly like I envisioned it.


I can’t show you any pictures. Which I HATE. Again with the hate.

So what do I want today? I want to be as happy as I was last week. Something flipped, a switch or maybe my hormones, and my general level of patience and tranquility has taken the last train to Clarksville. I’m on serious edge and you really don’t want to spend any time with me right now.

But I did get something I wanted today. Miss Violet posted on plurk today that she had excess of some Healing Intentions yarn. (I love Plurk. It makes me feel like I’m in the know!) And I felt I wanted it, no needed it. And I’ve been meaning to try some cupcakes. And I had like 7 entire minutes to eat dinner, round up the boys, and get out the door to the little dude’s basketball. But I knew if I waited it would be gone. and I was right. Dude, it’s all gone! But I got some! Healing sock yarn and 6 cupcakes. In some very yummy sounding scents. I blame it on Flawful Fibers. At the Knit in Public last week she made me smell her. And she smelled good. And I remembered her good smelling-ness and it made me buy cupcakes.

But I feel a bit better. And I’m gonna go back to knitting my secret sock and being all pleased with it.


  1. Rae

    Finally I found someone who agrees with me on the whole music on blogs & webpages thing lol.

  2. Daniele

    I am so with you on the music webpage thing! I actually have my volume turned off, so I will never know if there is music. he he he 😉


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