A pre-emptive resolution…

by | Dec 24, 2006 | Uncategorized

I will blog more often. I have an el-jay which is very, very angsty. And this poor neglected place in the interwebs. So this will be my lifeblog. Knitting, and college, and happy stuff, and a few sad things.

I cleaned the office today. And I found a lot of wips. I even *gasp* threw some wips in the trash. Like I cut them off the attached yarn and trashed them. It felt good.

The number one (and two) wips are presents for my mom & step-dad. Which of course are gonna be late. But I’m about 75% done on an irish hiking scarf for him and some embossed leaves socks for her. Once those are done I can tackle the wip pile.

3. Ball-band dishrag
4. The revived dead bride (VK Fall ’05 #19 Lace Shawl)
5. Icarus
6. Via Diagonale
7. Splash Scarf
8. Sandy Cardigan
9. Fuzzy Feet for the man
10. Cozy

See? I pared it down. Mostly by frogging and tossing though. I’ve finished a few pretties and I will post pictures of all in the next couple of days.

So in the wise words of Kermit the Frog, I bid you happy holidays…

“I don’t know if you believe in Christmas. Or if you have presents underneath a Christmas tree. But if you believe in love, that will be more than enough, for you to come and celebrate with me.”

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  1. Anonymous

    Happy New Year. I’m still with ya! 🙂


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