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When I created this blog, I signed up to join the knittyheads. I’m decently savvy when it comes to computers/web stuff, so I’m pretty darn sure I did it right. I waited a month. Nothing. The queue over there seems to turn over pretty quickly. I’ve had the code on here the whole time. So I resubmitted. A little less than a week ago. So I’m waiting. I hate to bother the ringmistress, and I’m trying to be patient. But then I think maybe I’m just denied for some odd reason, like I posted something wrong or I don’t know.

If you are a part of the knittyheads, do you happen to remember how long it took her to add you?


  1. Jennifer

    You know, I remember it being remarkably fast, like within a couple of days. I’d just email to ring head person and ask. Maybe a glitch in the system? Zibibbo is pretty nice.

  2. goodkarma

    Hi! I had the same situation you did with KnittyHeads… it turns out I put all the code on my blog, but failed to change part of the code to include my site ID #. It’s in two places. You might want to check that out.

    When I emailed Zibbibo, she told me that anyone who’s been waiting in queue for a month has been deleted, so I re-applied.

    Good luck, I hope this helps!!

  3. rincaro

    Thanks thomasina. I have the image saved on my own webspace, I must have copied over with the zibbibo one at some point while trying to finagle the code.

    The rest of my buttons (except the knitty one where they tell you to use theirs) are all on my own webspace.

  4. thomasina

    Your id#’s look like they are probably correct. However, you have linked directly to the button on zibbo’s site — you are (probably unknowingly!) committing bandwidth theft with this and your other buttons. You need to download the button to your own picture server, and link from there. Read more about bandwidth theft: http://www.knitblog.com/bandwidth-thief.htm . Now that you know, they also have cute buttons to educate others that you can download and link to your site…


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