A stretchy spring

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Spring is lasting longer than usual in Florida this year. It’s April 16th and there are still cool days hanging about and we’ve only had a handful of hot. It’s very, very nice. Yesterday was one of those perfect Florida spring days. The grass was green, the trees were lush, and it was only 75 degrees.
So I gathered up my brood and took them to the park. This time even the man could make it as he had the day off. He fished in the river while I knitted and fooled around with my drop spindle. The boys rode bikes for hours. Hours I tell you. They were covered in chain grease and the sweatiest freddies you ever did meet, but they had fun. It was one of those absolutely perfect days – where at the end of it you’re drowsy and happy and all is right with the world.

Just so you know the mini-van rocks. We did the whole stow & go seat thing ( so easy even I can do it) and fit everything but the kitchen sink in the back. Two bikes, two scooters, two fishing poles, four camp chairs, one cooler, one tacklebox, and one rather large knitting bag. It all fit with room to spare. No finagling required either. Awesome!


While I was at the park accumulating new freckles even in the shade, I worked on a new sock recipe – Broken Chocolate Bar Socks. It’s not complicated, so it’s gonna be a freebie, but it will also be an educational sock pattern. Something to make you think about how a sock really works and put you in the right mindset to alter sock patterns you come across in the future. Because a 64 stitch cast on just doesn’t always work for everyone. You know?


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