Hi there - I'm Corrina!
I am a technical editor and knitting designer.
Thank you for visiting my site. I’m the woman in charge of this crafty enterprise. I design things, I knit constantly, I edit other people's patterns, and I’m rather obsessed with the whole fiber and crafting world. I've been designing knitting patterns for over 15 years and have over 200 patterns to my credit. I also run a virtual coworking space for creative business owners!
What People Say
Corrina Ferguson is a wonderful technical editor and I wholeheartedly recommend her services. Her deep knowledge of all aspects of pattern creation, from diagrams to grading to marketing to designing itself, makes her a valuable resource when putting together anything from a single pattern to a cohesive collection.
Mary Beth Temple

I know I can rely on Corrina to spot my mistakes, and I can always ask for her advice on all pattern released matters, such as how to explain a certain way to decrease inside a cable; how many charts to include; and to check my mathematical adjustments. I am so grateful that I always receive the best advice, and that Corrina will help me grow as a designer and polish my pattern writing skills.
Linda Marveng

Corrina really helped me to improve the quality of my patterns. Just after one round of edits with her, I approached my pattern writing so differently and more effectively. Her work made mine even better. Don't forget to have her do the charts and schematics as well - they are fabulous!
Jessica Anderson

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