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Tired. So tired. So ready to sell the dog. Anybody want a quiet lazy beagle? Because oh my sweet cheesy pete. I don’t want to scar my children by killing the dog, but I am not loving the dog right now. Last night he was up all dang night long. Running back and forth up and down the hallway. Whining to get out of my bedroom, whining to get in. Scratching at the windowsills. Running around in circles. Licking his you know what really loudly. I did not get more than 30 minutes of consecutive sleep all night. It was bad. And tonight when I got home from work my husband was cleaning up dog doo. Again. What is with this psychotic dog?

So I basically did some sort of chipper sleep-walk through my day working at the LYS. Fortunately I really love it and the people I work with and for. So it wasn’t bad. But I did some pretty ugly yawning. You know the kind where your entire face stretches out and your chin is the size of Jay Leno’s and you realize too late that you forgot to cover your gaping piehole… Yeah. That kind of yawning.

But it’s ok. Because soon I am going to bed and I swear on all that is holy that if the dog acts up tonight I will lock him in the bedroom with the man, don earplugs and sleep on the couch. And although I love, love, love working at the LYS and helping people, I’m also kind of partial to this stuff…


Three skeins of Dream In Color Baby in the Spring Tickle colorway. I see a sheer cardigan in my future. Oh yes I do. (It kind of matches my peppers from yesterday, no?)


And this just screams shawlette to me. Something interesting, maybe with bronze and/or hematite beads. Ooh, maybe I’ll go crazy and add both!

But like I said, sleep-walking through a day at a yarnstore isn’t all bad. And hey, if I yawned in your face, I’m so sorry! I am normally much more polite. But I really was that kind of tired. And on that note, I’m hitting the hay.

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  1. Batty

    That green stuff is incredible. Wow. The Ella Rae yarn looks a bit like the Madeline Tosh I bought the other week. I think it would look incredible with bronze or hematite beads! Something like Ishbel or Damson, but with beads.


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