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It’s amazing the things I see when I look at knitting. Today’s special is the shawl detail pictured in the header of the blog. The edging looks like little feathers to me. Pettine is one of my favorite designs, worked side to side with a feathered lace edging and lovely scallops along the top. Today’s coupon code for the $2.50 bargain pattern price: fly


When I was a little girl we had a small stack of Christmas albums. And when I say albums, I do mean albums. Real vinyl. I don’t remember the name of my favorite album, but I do remember a few of the songs. One was “Santa Claus for President” song, which of course seemed perfectly logical and sound to an eight year old girl who still believed.

But my favorite, the end-all be-all on that album, was “Snoopy’s Christmas”. I listen to it today and all of the sudden I’m eight years old again. And when I was eight, my sister and I would fly all around the tiny livingroom with our arms stretched out like wings. We were airplanes and we would stop dead in our flightpaths and yell out in unison when the Baron cried out, “Merry Christmas my friend!!!” I did it with my boys when they were little.

So be little while you can. Fly around the livingroom and crash into each other. Make memories. Because you never know when stupid things in life will happen.


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