All Hail Queen Mary Jane!

by | Dec 8, 2005 | Uncategorized

I needed knitted happiness. So I did something quick and dirty. For the Sweet Mary Jane cardigan, your gauge swatch is a little sachet. How cute is that. So that is Celeste’s Sachet blocking. I’ll post a finished pic of her today.

I do see a problem though. The sachet is 54 stitches knitted on size 6 dpns. Despite being really careful, I got some pretty serious ladders that didn’t seem to wash out. The sleeve is about the same number of stitches worked on the dpns. I don’t want ladders in my sleeves. Course I’m only really seeing the ladders in the stockinette. It might not affect the lace pattern. I’ll have to wait for it to dry.

The majority of this knitting was accomplished while waiting for the dentist yesterday afternoon. I just finished it up this morning. Talk about quick and dirty! This would make cute little Christmas ornaments. Done in a hollyberry red with some cinnamon potpourri stuffed inside…. Hmmmm…..


  1. Beth

    You probably don’t want to hear this, but my ladder problem went away when I started using one long circ for small circumferences. It’s just an idea – toss it aside if you want, my feelings will not be hurt. 😉

  2. Jennifer

    So cute!! I’ve got that pattern too.

  3. mamma

    Looks great. What a good idea to make a swatch that is actually a tiny useful object rather than a square that annoys you. Your stitch markers are looking great too. I’m so obsessive, I now like to make stitch markers that compliment the yarn I’m knitting with.
    Sorry for infecting you with startitis. Maybe there’s a cream for that.

  4. candsmom

    I’ve had my eye on that pattern, cute! Can’t wait to see how yours turns out. And I love the sachet-as-a-swatch idea…your Christmas potpourri idea might be something I need to steal…;-)


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