And the beat goes on – day four!

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Second verse, same as the first… well actually fourth verse, same as the third, but you know what I mean, right? Today’s features are a second chance to get The Seven Songs for half price and the Make Your Own E-Book deal is still keeping on.

Coupon code “extra34” gets you half off The Seven Songs

Coupon code “extraspecial” gets you 7 PicnicKnits patterns for only $18.95!

And today we feature the rest of The Seven Songs, so you can see the pretties you can get!

Prokofiev – worked from the top down in five lacy wedges.


Auber – worked from the bottom up with a lace edging and diamonds full of Estonian patterning.


Rachmaninoff – a border worked longways with stitches picked up for the short-row crescent body.


Berlioz – worked in my favorite way sideways with softly curved lace patterning.


I was really proud that I was able to work up seven different construction techniques for the shawlettes in this book. That way you’re not working the same old same old over and over again. That’s one of my pet peeves! And speaking of new constructions, I’m working on something slightly different for me for the sixth of The Seven Sheep. As soon as I can make up my mind which color goes best with the silver I will be knitting like a fiend!



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