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So I read the yarn harlot’s blog – have for a few years now. And I usually get the books, read them, and then pass them on. Because they are funny, and let’s face it, knitters get it. But I was not prepared for just entirely how freaking awesome she was in person. Because she was. Awesome.
When she walked in the door I was struck by how tiny she was. Not just short, tiny. She is really cute though. And as much as she complains about her hair, it just looked like it belonged to her. She has a much deeper voice than I expected though. Coming from a tiny person. (I can say tiny, I’m 5’10” and quite zaftig).

It’s been a very, very long time since I had so many good belly laughs. And I needed them. And I had the added bonus of sitting next to Kimber, who is probably one of the Yarn Harlot’s biggest fans, so watching her beam and giggle all night just made it better.

She started the evening by taking pictures of us of course.

The harlot shooting us

And then I messed up the cast-on for a sock. (I blame the quite potent double amaretto sour I downed before the show).

Cast On #1

And she made us all laugh over and over again. While at the same time making us feel like she was just like us. It’s a rare gift.

Yarn Harlot

And then I messed up another cast-on for a sock. (This time I blame the amaretto AND the belly laughing).

Cast On #2

I finally got a sock going, but then it was time for book signing. So I kinneared her while waiting in line.


Tricia and Kimber showed off the signage that Kimber made for the Harlot. (I told you she was a big fan!)


And then I took Ruthee and Chris up to get their picture taken with her since they couldn’t make it.


You know she’s been on the road, hopping from city to city, just to grace us knitters with her presence. And I cannot get over how gracious and funny and on she was. I don’t know that I could do what she does. I’ve spent time with some other traveling teachers/speakers that didn’t have that grace. I guess it’s grace. Maybe it’s all that zen she gets from the knitting. All I know is that the Yarn Harlot was more than I expected her to be and then some. Thanks for coming to town!


  1. Sharon

    That was SO much fun! So good to see you and KnitKimber, and I missed Chris and Ruthee so much! Even though I’ve never met Ruthee. Can I miss someone I haven’t met? I think so! I think I can!
    OMG, we laughed so damn hard all night. I’m so glad we made the little trip.


  2. Daniele

    She is lovely, isn’t she? Hopefully one day I’ll get to see her as well. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing. 🙂


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