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Somethings need to be done every year. This year I’m getting them all out of the way in January. Partly to have them done, but mostly because we still have FSA money leftover from last year. And if you don’t spend it, it all goes away. So spend I will, and I get to do exciting things like having my freckles counted.
I’ve also been working really hard on revamping my diet and getting into an exercise routine. And I’m doing well – I’m on my fourth week of the Couch to 5K program, and we’ve done the run/walk training three times a week since the first of the year. But I feel like all this health-related stuff has put a serious damper on my designing business. All I do is chop vegetables and lace up my running shoes.

So I’m working on getting back on track design-wise. I have five designs that need to be tech edited – two of which still need photographs. And I have two new lace shawlette designs in the works. So things are happening – they are just happening behind the scenes and in between all the healthy nonsense.


See? Fangirl hats. Coming soon to this space.

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  1. Rae

    Congrats on taking the steps for a healtheir lifestyle maybe you can rub off on me some. I know I need to do it the hard part is just starting. I can’t wait to see what you have lined up this year for designed items.


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