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…I have peeved off the PTB. Yesterday I got the letter from the college. Today I took the boys to a skating party. Big dude fell and broke his arm. Dude is only ten and has now broken the same arm three times. I mean honestly. He was crying and hurt, but he told me quite matter of factly, “Mom, it’s broken”. I guess he’s the expert now.
The rest of the day was slightly nicer. I went to a Pampered Chef party where the hostess with the mostess served martinis, cosmopolitans, and lemon drops. I had to eat a good deal of food to counteract the lemon drop but it was worth it.

Long day. Will blog more tomorrow.


  1. Rae

    Oh I feel so bad for Big dude I’ve broken my left arm 4 times now(3 times in high school see what you get for playing sports lol) I hope this is the last time for him its no fun. Oh nothing says fun like good food, & alcoholic beverages.

  2. Jackie

    Poor thing! Hope he heals quickly!

  3. ruthee

    Comfrey, an herb, is known to help healing bones quickly….
    I am so sorry your day was rough and more sorry about Big Dude. And here is a hearty “thank goodness we have insurance” to ya as well!


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