At least my hands are clean.

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I have a small obsession. It has nothing to do with knitting or yarn. I know, right? Whenever I head down to the Riverside Arts Market, my husband will kiss me goodbye, tell me to have fun, and warn me – “Do NOT buy any more soap.”

I really don’t have that much soap. Really. Just to clarify it’s only handmade soap that I’m interested in. Goat’s milk soap is the best. I had a meeting last week and I needed some little prizes. So I went to my soap collection found a few cute things and wrapped them up. But not my blueberry biscotti soap with oatmeal. That one is the best. I need to buy more of it, so I can justify the unwrapping the bar I currently have. I don’t want to be completely without it. Ever.

Ok, I might have a problem.


Oh, what’s this? Um, yes. It’s more soap. I had mentioned to Erica over at Fiddleknits that I needed some coffee grind soap when she was talking about her sister making soap. And a few weeks later she was an evil enabler and casually mentioned that her sister had listed some brand new coffee grind soap in her etsy shop. Goat’s milk coffee grind soap even.


And I might have screamed “MINE” and then bought the soap and the adorable little soap dish before anyone else even had a chance to look at it. Maybe. But I really needed another soap dish. I think. And Watersong Soap Shop? How cute is that name? I was done for.


So anyhow. Don’t touch my soaps. Well unless you’re at my house and need to wash your hands. Well. Um. Even then make sure to check with me first. Better yet, buy your own soap.




  1. ContinentalKim

    You ARE an evil enabler! I am going right now to satisfy my cravings too. =)

  2. Brenda

    I’ve seen the soap booth(s) at RAM…very cool stuff. I love the chunkiness of the bars, too.


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