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Got up this morning to see the man off to work and actually stuck to my plan. I had planned to get the boys in the van with their bikes and head over to Memorial Park to get some walking in. And I did it! Was I tired? Am I sweaty? Am I ready to go back to bed now? Yes, yes, and yes. But it’s done. There is something very rewarding about getting exercise done first thing. Because then the rest of the day is the great wide open…


It looks like I will be showering and then the boys and I will head over to Chamblin‘s. If you’re local, you know what it is. If not… well suffice to say it is the greatest used bookstore ever. If you click through the link you can see a picture of one of the aisles. And there are hundreds of aisles just like it. The boys trade in their old books for credit and buy new (to them) books. Don’t get me wrong, I love the library, but there is something special about a book being yours.

In other news, I updated the shop yesterday with some 100% wool sock yarn. This yarn *will* felt, but it’s a sturdy 2-ply and as long as you hand-wash it, you’ll get some really beautiful socks out of it. It’s the same base yarn that I’ve used for my Wormy, Lanyard, and Beachcomber socks. So here’s what’s new in the shop:

Pure Wool Snack Collage


  1. Batty

    Oh no, look at all that pretty yarn! I’m positively sitting on my hands to keep them from reaching for my credit card.

  2. ruthee

    We are supposed to shower after we exercise in the morning? Nah, I don’t like the people I work with *that* much.


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