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So I’m moving into a new world – the world of sample knitters. I’m trying to be “serious designer woman” –  which is not to be confused with “serious Cadbury egg eater”. I have more ideas than I have time to knit them. So for my latest design I procured a sample knitter. And knit she did. Brenda is a very serious Knitter with a capital K. She is proficient and fast and cranks out beautiful stuff at the speed of light. And the speed of light is what I was looking for. I gave her yarn and a pattern on a Saturday, and by Monday she was all done. I had 5 hours of van knitting time in the same period of time and I’m still not done with the Pettine shawl! But I digress – as usual. Here’s the Bakersfield Shawlette:


It’s shallow and wide: 15″ deep and 84″ wide. So it’s a bit more of a scarf than a shawl. But it actually cups and covers your shoulders quite nicely, so I’m still calling it a shawlette.


The nice thing about a shallow shawlette like this is that you can make it with precious little yardage. This is worked up in Colinette Jitterbug which only has 320 yards and there was nice little pile of yarn leftover. So if you have some sock or even sport or dk weight yarn that is low on yardage, Bakersfield is perfect.


The wave lace is not something new (!) and exciting (!) but I think the application here is beautiful. It would be lovely in a nice shade of blue or green. The model shawl works 13 repeats on each side and uses size 6 needles. But the needle size is not crucial – and if I were you I would work up a stockinette swatch and block it. This fabric is loose but not airy if that makes sense. Go for a fabric that you love.


Needles: Size 6 needles (4.0 mm)

Yarn: Colinette Jitterbug, 320 yards to 100g, one skein

Size: Sample blocked to 84″ wide and 15″ deep

Gauge: 20 stitches and 26 rows = 4 inches in blocked stockinette

Notes: Worked from side to side. The sample has 13 repeats of the lace pattern on each side.

The Bakersfield Shawlette on Ravelry – only $6.00 USD


  1. Kaia

    Beautiful, as always!

  2. Jackie

    That is beutiful.

  3. Sara

    It’s lovely!

  4. Meridith

    Just curious: why is this shawl named Bakersfield? I have been getting into shawls lately and came across this design on Ravelry. Bakersfield, CA is my hometown.


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