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My feet are killing me. I think my favorite New Balance gym shoes have finally bit the dust. They were not helpful and supportive today while I hiked all over downtown. Of course the fact that I wore bowling shoes today probably didn’t help things. The good news is I have a brand new pair of NB shoes in the closet, just waiting for the chance to support my feet and be all cushy and awesome.
I did some knitting downtown tonight while watching the Light/Boat parade. But I can’t show it to you. It’s December’s sock pattern which is gorgeous if I do say so myself. Of course the yarn dyed by Chris is the main reason it’s so beautiful.

But I can show you a few fireworks pictures. These were awesome – they were towers of light that looked just like palm trees. True Florida fireworks.


And then Elvis started singing and we got the Blue Christmas fireworks.


Dreaming of a white Christmas? We won’t get one here, but these waterfall fireworks off the bridge were breathtaking. Literally.


In other news, NaBloPoMo has one more day. And amazingly enough I’ve done it all. Now you might have ended up with more insight into my scary brain than you wanted, but thanks for reading.

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  1. Sharon

    The first x-mas that C and I were dating, the fireworks were the same night that we went to hear The Messiah at the symphony. They had to take an intermission so that the sounds of the explosions didn’t overtake the timpani, and we all walked out onto the Landing to watch the fireworks. It was truly magical!


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