Bath Day

by | Sep 2, 2008 | Uncategorized

Rufus needs a bath. Badly. According to my 10 year old he smells like corn chips. I think that’s a rather polite description. He stinks. He gets a bath once a week, but with this hot and humid weather he gets stinky so fast! So in a few minutes I will be throwing all his blankets and his bed in the wash to get ready for dog wash day.


Other things have been bathing around here as well. I finally finished the five ounces of corriedale that I bought to learn to spin on my drop spindle. It’s been super fun. My singles are getting smaller quite quickly though. I still need to play around with the plying. Some of my yarn is very twisty. I gave it a good whack on the tile after squeezing the water out, and now it’s all out on the porch drying.


And woo-hoo! Liesl is finished! Right now she is spread out on a towel after taking her soak. I’m hoping she gains a good bit of length. I basically worked the yoke, then the sleeves, and then the body until I ran out of yarn. This is how she looked pre-blocking.


I’m off to moosh around and do some housecleaning. I’ve decided that all of the nastiness of August is over and that September will be a month full of fabulous, wonderful things. Only good stuff.


  1. Eric

    Fa-bu! Positivituitly!

  2. Jennifer

    Ooh! Pretty! I’m so excited for you! You’re doing great!


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