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First off, if you ever need graphic artist work done and you want it done right, go visit Kristin at ComeToSilver – she is amazing. And I will show you exactly why.
A few months ago, I needed a logo for my 3-Day team – Ta-Tas Are Sacred. Now my dear friend Kristin is a lover of all things pink. She is famous on the Ravelry swap boards for her love of pink. When we shop for her, we know we can’t go wrong if it’s pink. So I knew she would do my pink needs justice. So I sent her a little sketch to show her what I wanted.

Isn’t that beautiful? A true piece of artistic workmanship I tell you. I probably should have warned you not to have a mouth full of drink. You probably spewed all over your keyboard, didn’t you? Sorry about that. It looks like some kind of psychotic pink bug, doesn’t it?

Well the good news about that pathetic piece of scribbling above is that Kristin took a look at it and somehow (somehow as in she is amazingly talented and made of awesome) miraculously transformed it into this:

I told you she was made of awesome. Why did you doubt me? Anyhow, we’re taking Kristin’s awesomeness and translating it into wearables to make money for our team. My fabulous friend Kim at Proforma is doing all the t-shirts for us.  We need to raise $13,800 and we’re only at $8884. So it’s a t-shirt pre-order sale!!!!

I have my etsy shop set up to sell the t-shirts. These are PRE-ORDERS only. We will be taking pre-orders until October 7th. Then the printing company will print them up and as soon as we get them in our hot little hands we will send them to you! For US buyers, you will have your t-shirts in your hands no later than October 25th, just in time to wear them on Halloween weekend while you relax with candy and I walk 60 miles. (Save me some snickers, will ya?)

The t-shirts are available in standard adult sizes S-4XL in grey OR white with a one-color hot pink logo (no Jacksonville, Fl on the logo by the way) for $15.

They are also available in a “ladies cut” t-shirt, sizes XS-2XL in pale pink OR white with the same hot pink logo for $17. See the shop for details.

All profits from the sale of these shirts will go directly the Ta-Tas Are Sacred Team to help us raise our fundraising goals. Saving the boobies is expensive business!

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