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I am a master procrastinator. Seriously. Always have been. Even before the internet. But today I will use the internet for good. I will put on some cheesy music (thanks to Pandora) and I will clean the house 15 minutes at a time (ala Flylady). Then I will pull up some old Buffy episodes on Hulu and re-organize the office. For reals. I’m even gonna throw stuff out because this room is overflowing with stuff and junk.
While I’m cleaning I leave you with an amusing picture. I finally went out on the boat on Sunday night with the menfolk and thought I would shoot one of those cute pictures of me and the man. We look kind of cute don’t we? But not nearly as cute as the pop-up boy who was sitting in the back of the boat. Love that boy.



  1. Heather Wardell

    Great picture! That’s the kind of kid that’s always messing with news anchors when they’re filming live. 🙂

  2. christine from Jax

    Adorable shot. The “pop-up” boy definitely has dad’s smile!!

  3. Batty

    What a great picture! All 3 of you look cute — and way less green than ‘d look if someone were to put me on a boat!


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