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I’ve been hunting for a cork bulletin board for the office. I wanted a nice big one, that I could use to pin up mood boards and swatches, and deadlines, and well just all of it. But money is tight at Chez PicnicKnits. Vacation was fabulous, but expensive. And back to school time is upon us. The boys start school in 11 days.  So I’ve been biding my time because I couldn’t justify $50 or so for the lovely big cork board I’ve been dreaming about.
Why I don’t think of craigslist more often, I don’t know. But Friday night I thought to myself, “Self, you could probably find one on craigslist.” And sure enough, there it was. The corkboard of my dreams. For the bargain price of $5. Five dollars people. This is major buck saving. This is good news. This is an omen. A portent of good things to come.


Up in the right-hand corner you can see my Yoshi picture. Done by my little dude just for me. Why Yoshi? Because I always play Yoshi when we play Mario Kart on the Wii. (And if Nessa reads this, yes I still end up going the wrong direction half of the time and the little cloud comes down to tell me to turn around!) You can see there that it has room – room to grow – room for dreams and happenings and all manner of good things. I love it. Oh, and the cute little orange & pink thing?


Isn’t it darling? It is a Minnowknits pattern, a sample for the store (A Stitch In Time) and I got the yarn and the pattern and those awesome buttons there of course. It needs a good blocking, and the bottom button might need adjusted – I’ll check it again after I block it. But it’s only two balls of Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille in the small size and it works up super fast!


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