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I am very blessed that I have a dedicated space in my house for my office/studio. When we bought this house nearly 6 years ago, we knew that we needed a space for me to work. So for a few years now the “formal living room” has been my office. It’s not a huge space – only 12×13 feet. I do wish it had doors somedays. It would be nice to be able to hide the “creative clutter” instead of feeling like my office is a reflection on my entire house. I should probably work on that!

My studio has 3 walls – one of which has a nice big window. Window office, look at me go! One wall is entirely covered with a double desk. Anywhere I can manage is is covered in shelves. And I need more. So many more. I’m trying to figure out how to house everything I need to house all the stuff I need for my PicnicKnits business AND all the stuff I need to be a magazine editor.

The biggest issue is all the binders. I put out a call a month or so ago to the yarn companies asking for color cards. And boy howdy did they respond. My studio is packed to the gills with binders full of cards all strung up with snippets of gorgeous yarns.

And not to be outdone, I have binders for the magazine itself. Each issue is housed in a nice big ole binder, stuffed to the gills with submissions, layout plans, all the things. The way the deadlines overlap I’m working on multiple issues at one time so there’s always 3 or more binders in rotation.

And then there’s hobby stuff. Knitting isn’t a hobby for me anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I still love knitting. I couldn’t do this if I didn’t. But I’ve been trying to take up sewing. And a house is only so big – I can’t take over every room in the house. 

Oh and by the way – my lovely cubicles won’t hold binders. Binders are too tall for cubes. The things you learn the hard way, right? I probably should go back to Pinterest and start looking for crazy innovative floor to ceiling shelving options.

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  1. Stephannie

    Dude, that’s almost 20% of my house. I’d say that counts as a good sized space!!!

    I’m thinking built in bookcases up to the ceiling along the wall opposite the window are your best option too! maybe cabinets along the bottom for the binders, with narrow shelves for books etc above?


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