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This morning I stood in line for 2 hours and dripped sweat in the heat of the morning. It’s Florida – the heat of the morning is a real, tangible, make you all sweaty kind of thing. After standing in line for those 2 hours, I paid for that privilege by bleeding money.
Did you know that private school textbooks cost more in general than college textbooks? I did not.

I was supremely unprepared for the vast amount of money that I forked over today in pursuit of a better education for my kids. But my loss (of money) is your gain (of yarn). Help a sister out. This is all yarn that I don’t really want to part with, but I will. Unless otherwise specified all of the yarn is new and untouched. All of the prices include priority shipping to the US. Almost all of the prices get you lower than MSRP even with shipping. My house is smoke-free and cat-free. I have a dog, but he’s not supposed to touch the yarn. If you live locally and want to meet up with me to get said yarn, I will knock $5 off the price – basically take off the cost of shipping. Paypal is preferred. Here’s the swag:

Starting in the top row, moving from left to right and so on.

1. Lamb’s Pride Worsted – Spice – 4 skeins – $20 for all includes shipping
2. Cascade Heritage Handpaint Sock – 1 skein – $18 includes shipping
3. Knitpicks Telemark – Burlap – 18 skeins – $25 for all includes shipping

4. SWTC Tofutsies – Pinks & Purples – 1 skein – $12 includes shipping
5. Berrocco Boho – Raspberries & Strawberries – 8 skeins – $20 for all includes shipping
6. Rowan Calmer – Pale Pink – 9 skeins – $70 for all includes shipping
7. Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport – Vera – 2 skeins – $18 for both includes shipping
8. Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport – Red Rover – 2 skeins – $18 for both includes shipping
9. Louet Gems Fingering – Cherry Red – 2 skeins – $16 for both includes shipping
10. Knitpicks Wool of the Andes – Iris Heather – 8 skeins – $15 for all includes shipping
11. Colinette Jitterbug – Velvet Plum – $18 includes shipping
12. Colinette Jitterbug – Popsicle – $18 includes shipping
13. Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock – Poppy – 2 skeins – $18 for both includes shipping
14. Knitpicks Telemark – Red Light Special Hat Kit – 4 skeins – $10 for all includes shipping
15. Knitpicks Palette – Ivy League Vest Kit – up to largest size – 10 skeins – $20 for all includes shipping
16. Rowan Calmer – Sage – 6 skeins plus 75% of a 7th skein – $60 for all includes shipping

You can leave a comment here or you can e-mail me at my paypal e-mail address, which is rincaro at yahoo dot com – you know the deal. Oh and thanks for looking!


  1. Christel

    Would love to pick up some of your stash to add to my own. Right now, I have to survive my son’s wedding. If all your yarn doesn’t go by next week. I’ll see what I can do to lighten your load. The wedding is this Saturday and I think I’m going to need to be committed after it’s all over!!! You know I’m local so I can save you gas money to the mail box if I’m not in the funny farm!!!

  2. kimber

    yarn on sale ehh??? Great prices! I scored some J’Bug but i think I need more!


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