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by | Sep 5, 2010 | Uncategorized

I walked 15 miles today. It took me a bit less than 5 hours. I stopped after 9 miles and met my boys at Einstein’s for a nice salty pretzel bagel and to restock my water and lifewater supplies. The last 6 miles kind of kicked my butt. For probably the last 3 miles I spent all my brain power chanting “You can do this” to myself inside my head over and over. The only reason I didn’t stop was that I realized that no matter how slow I felt, I was still on pace to get it all done in less than 5 hours. So I kept going.
My feet still hurt. I have my super special aloe infused spa socks on right now to try to soothe them. Amazingly enough the only blister I got was on the end of my middle toe on my right foot. The same one that had a small blister the other day. I’m hoping the foot pain goes away enough so that we can hit Universal tomorrow. We have passes so if it’s too crowded or hot we can just head back to the hotel and swim and veg.

But like I said, I spent 3 of the 15 miles channeling the Little Engine That Could. But the other 12… well I thought too much. I thought about the house we want to buy, I thought about my business, I thought about how crazy I was to undertake this 60-mile nonsense. I remembered weird things that I hadn’t thought about in 30 years. It’s like all that exercising made my brain synapses misfire.  I definitely think the next time I will go back to audio books. Too much thinking today.

Is it crazy that I took a 4-hour nap and I’m already ready to go to bed? I figure I must need the rest. Oh and I wanted to show the pretty I saw today. At an elementary school on my walking route today I saw this amazing mosaic. It was all sparkly tiles and awesomeness. When I got up close though I realized that all the mosaic work had little hand-made ceramic houses set in which I think must have been crafted by students. Absolutely fabulous. And gave this little engine a must needed boost.



  1. Lorena

    “The last 6 miles kind of kicked my butt”
    Girl, you crazy! And inspiring!

  2. Brenda

    Glad to hear you’re going strong. I find my mind wanders quite a bit while I’m training, too (triathlon, not 3-day), must be the brain goofin on some hormone. Anyway, I see this mosaic all the time and think it’s amazing! At first glance you don’t see all those wonderful details, but after a few seconds…whoa! Keep on trekkin’ girl!


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