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by | Nov 6, 2010 | Uncategorized

I have made the mad leap – the leap into e-books. I have some fabulous ideas for future e-books, but for now I thought I would keep it simple. I compiled 8 of my patterns together and made up Sideways Shawlettes. It’s all eight of my sideways patterns at one tremendous discount! Normally these patterns cost over $45 if purchased individually, but if you buy the collection it’s only $25!


The Sideways Shawlettes e-book is available for only $25.00 USD

I’m still working on the time management/organization thing. I might have to (gasp!) ask my husband for help. He’s extremely organized and self-motivated. And although I hate to ask him, it will probably make him pretty happy. And maybe this next week I will actually get something done.


  1. KniftyThrifty

    Those look really awesome! I’ve got this bookmarked for when the holidays are over and I can start knitting for myself again!

  2. Kaia

    Congrats to your first BOOK. This is a big moment.

  3. Batty

    Your first book, how exciting! Your shawls are beautiful.

  4. Brenda

    Love the new book…a great Christmas present for any knitter! Congrats!

  5. Lisa ferron



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