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I am completely and utterly obsessed with cowlettes. I have ALL the ideas. And then people like the lovely Fiber Seed folks send me fabulous squishy yarn and I get to make whatever I want out of it. Life is good.
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This yarn has got some squish y’all. And such beautiful colors. And the couple that runs it are just as sweet as can be. I especially like when good yarn comes from good people. Makes me feel good about telling other folks to give them all their monies. Yep, you need some of this Fiber Seed stuff!

So I took this stuff and made a pretty cowlette. What’s a cowlette? Well it’s a shawlette that has been worked so that it is also a cowl. Which means it NEVER falls off. I would say I’m a genius but I’m not the first one to do this. But still I’m pretty darned proud of this beauty!


No I can’t take credit for the beautiful girl. That is my best friend’s daughter. She is beautiful and made of light and love and how did she just graduate high school because I’ve known her for ten years since she was a little bit. But she’s pretty right?


The cowlette (the pretty thing I’m supposed to be talking about) is worked in a very similar fashion to the Clairmore Cowlette. You work a triangle, then you join the triangle – this time with a simple 3-needle bind off – and then you work in the round to make lace magic. Magic I tell you!

Caedwyn is available as an individual pattern on Ravelry.

Needles: Size 8 needles (5.0 mm)

Yarn: The Fiber Seed Costa Laurel in Sour Apple, 1 skein, 225 yards to 127 grams.

The Fiber Seed Yarns can be found in local yarn stores all over the United States.

Gauge: 16 stitches and 20 rows = 4 inches in blocked stockinette stitch in the round – adjust needle size as necessary to get gauge. Row gauge is especially important because that is what determines whether it will fit over your noggin!

Size: About 21” neck circumference unstretched, 11” long in back, and 18” long in front.

The Caedwyn Cowlette is available on Ravelry individually for $6.00 USD


  1. Susan barnard

    I love the caedwyn cowlette. I have made the pattern up until the JOIN. I have done 3 needle bind off before but I cannot seem to wrap my head around this one, any help would be appreciated, thank you Susan Barnard

    • Corrina

      Before the join you have a flat triangle. Fold the triangle so that the right sides are facing together. You will use a third needle to knit together the first stitch on each needle tip (just like in a normal 3-needle bind-off). Then knit together the next stitch on each needle tip. You will now have 2 stitches on the right hand-needle – the third needle. Slip the right stitch over the left stitch just like in a normal bind off – 1 stitch on the third needle. Now knit together the next stitch on each needle tip – two stitches again on the third needle. Slip the right stitch over the left stitch to bind off. Place the stitch from the third needle back onto the front needle. Turn the work back right side out. Place a marker for the beginning of round after that last stitch from the bind offs. You are now ready to work in the round for the rest of the cowlette.


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