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This year is all about the learning for me. And the teaching. I’ve decided that I’m putting the picnic back in PicnicKnits. Picnic as in easy. Making knitting easier. I’m going to teach and I’m going to learn.

I’ve never steeked. And I’ve never knit brioche.

But this year that’s going to change. I’m going to tackle both of them. Heck, I’m even planning to design something in brioche. Maybe not steeking though. I’m leaning towards faster, smaller projects and steeking doesn’t usually fit into that niche.

What knitting skills are you looking to tackle?

My first 3 releases of this year are the Alrisha Hat, the Becrux Cowl, and the Chara Shawl. ABC. Because I’m making charts as easy as ABC. One of my big plans for this year is to include tutorials and education with every pattern I release. I’m even going back in time to do some teaching on older designs. 

So to start it off with a bang – I’m releasing the Chart Star Course. This course starts with the e-book that includes the 3 patterns. The patterns contain no written instructions for any of the charts. Now if you’re proficient chart knitter, enjoy the patterns! But if not, it’s time to learn!

The Chart Star Course includes 15 lessons that teach you how to read, understand, and knit with charts. There are complete walk throughs for each patterns, so that you can finish the course as a Chart Star!

So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to conquer charts?
order Chart Star Now!

And if you already know how to work charts, what is the knitting skill you really want to learn? I’m planning out designs and education for the year, and I’d love to make it so I teach you the knitting things you need to know!


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