Cheez o Petes

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I have no idea what that means. But it’s a good pseudo curse word. Lil dude has been saying “Oh for the love of Uncle Pete”. Uncle Pete is my stepbrother. I didn’t grow up with him though, and the boys barely have seen him. But he is forever implanted in their brains because he is a rock star. Actually for real. He has a really great band. The boys wanna be rock stars (and spies and firemen) but I don’t think their “uncle” would appreciate their High School Musical rock star aspirations.

By the way, those movies are like kiddy crack. Every kid I know, boy, girl, whatever loves those movies. Poor Kim had to sit through one the other night. I think it made her develop a tic.

Why am I awake at midnight when the alarm will ring at 6am? Because I am stupid. That is why. I am re-working Statistics homework so that I can get points that I missed the first time around. I’m trying to convince myself that it’s worth it. This whole college thing. The more I hear about public schools the more unsure I become. I’m supposed to do field experience this semester. I’ve been assigned to an algebra class in what can only be described as an “inner-city” high school. Well as inner-city as Jacksonville gets. But the teacher hasn’t called me back yet to arrange times. Sometimes I feel like I should take a step back and just do elementary teaching. Other days I’m convinced I need my master’s so I can teach college. I’m nothing if not consistently indecisive.

And while I’m having a midnight whinefest (although sadly without wine or Irish cream) I might as well complain about my spring schedule. I wanted to leave a couple of days a week open to substitute teach. You know… experience, dollars, blah, blah, blah. But my Calc three class is at an odd time and it’s impossible for me to schedule around with having to pay to put the boys in morning or after care.

Wait. Did you say you were here for the knitting? Silly me. What am I working on?

1. Juliet in double-stranded sage Cotton Fleece
2. Upstream Architecture Socks in a red/orange/fair isle Meilenweit
3. A simple baby blanket in Muench Big Baby

Things I’m not working on:

1. The Dead Bride. Guess it’s not her year.
2. Katherine Hepburn – I screwed it up and haven’t started over yet
3. Sandy Cardigan – And it’s gonna get slightly chilly soon….
And more other things than I can possibly count. Might be time for WIP control again.


  1. Knit Kimber Knit

    I did indeed develop a tic. But I have long since gotten over it by watching several bloody movies.

    Anywho stop knitting and do your homework!

  2. Missy

    Calc 3 sounds like so much fun! I never had time amidst all those music classes to get past 2. Math rocks!

    I can’t wait to see your Juliet cardigan!

  3. Batty

    Statistics. Yeah, I remember stats and problem sets and standard deviations. I figured out standard deviations and outliers when I realized my grades were outliers at the lower end of the curve. And then I dropped the class faster ‘n you can turn around.


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