Chilly Monday

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This morning on the way to school the minivan told me it was 59 degrees outside. That is chilly for Florida! And the weatherman on the radio told me it was only going to be 83 degrees today. So lovely – I think I might take the boys to the park to do homework. It isn’t the fall I grew up with, but it’s nice for it to cool down just the same.

But if you have real fall and you’re all in hot cocoa / snuggly cardigan kind of mode you might do well with a warm piece of sunshine. The 4th sonnet is nearly finished and it’s working out to a beautiful soft warm shawlette with textured patterning and lace that just makes this designer’s heart go pitter pattern. And the lovely warm golden yarn from The Unique Sheep is a dream to work with. The Green Sheep Fingering is just the right yarn for the pattern.


The 4th sonnet will be available on October 1st, just one short week from today. Three of the sonnets of course have been published, and there are three more yet to come after this gorgeous golden flower. Same as it ever was, it will be available for individual purchase for $6 or you can buy the entire collection:

 The Seven Sonnets – for $21.95


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