C’mon get happy!

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And that’s an order! And just to share my particular ear-worm with you….

So my good friend GirlWithNeedles tagged me as someone who makes her smile. Actually I think a good lot of my friends get smiles and giggles from my stories of the stupid things that happen to me, but hey, I am spreading joy in the world, no?

So here is my top ten list of bloggers who make me smile!

1. GirlWithNeedles of course! Her stitching makes me yearn for another hobby that I have no time for and she’s the one that will keep you in stitches at knit-in!

2. KnitKimberKnit – She and I have been known to stand at the swift convulsed in the giggles and she’s quick with the smiles and the hugs!

3. The Yarntender – Sometimes it seems like she and I share some brain material because we get all of each other’s jokes. I feel sorry for her! 😉

4. TrishTheDish – Ahh… when we were five. And no, we didn’t grow up together. We just have a tendency to act like complete children in each other’s company. Remember Norway?

5. Fiber Freak – She’s cooler than me. Well most people are, but she’s really cool. Plus right now I am coveting her hand-dyed yarn. Or her dye-ing skills. Or both.

6. CrazyMexicanGirl – This one always makes me smile. There’s something about her that tells me if I ever get over to that side of the country we would have the best time.

7. The Domestic Overlord – This one has the power. Her quick wit and current band names on the Knittyboard always makes me smile.

8. Batty – Every time I hit her blog, I hear the Count singing in my head. Good for a smile anyday!

9. Lolly Knits – I always love reading her entries and her photography is so gorgeous.

10. Poor Miss Finch – Her kids are so cute! And she is another one of those people that you get the feeling you would be fast friends with.

And just for your enjoyment, a story of something stupid that happened to me. Yes, you can laugh. My leg is all better now.

Are those ants in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

Saturday night I was cleaning out my car and getting ready to go to midnight knitting. I had backed the car up to the garage so I was actually standing in the mulch next to the deck. I was wearing jeans and suddenly I felt a sting on the back of my thigh. I didn’t think much of it until I felt the 2nd sting and then a 3rd really make ya holler sting. I thought “I have (fire)ants in my pants.” Seriously. The fire ants around here will just crawl right up your leg and start biting you like woah. So I ran madly into the house assuming some fireants had crawled up my pants, screaming the whole way because I was really getting stung/bit badly and each one hurt ten times worse than the last one. Rufus (the wonder beagle) is freaking out with me and starts to howl and bark at me. But then I I couldn’t get my pants off because I forgot to take my shoes off first. So I’m hopping around my bedroom screaming, the dog is howling, and my pants are trapped on by my shoes. That’s when I spot the yellowjacket. Yeah, I spot the yellowjacket still in my pants, next to my flesh. Did I mention I couldn’t get my pants off? There shoulda been a hidden camera. Finally I get my pants off and start whaling on the yellowjacket with my shoe. “Die! Die! Die!”

I’m telling you. This sort of thing only happens to me.


  1. Knit Kimber Knit

    Awww! I’ll be sure to hug you more.. esp when people are snarky!

    Looking forward to tangling more yarn with you soon.

  2. Batty

    You make me smile too! And about those “ants”… I’m just glad you weren’t allergic to the yellowjacket!

  3. ruthee

    OMG…now you so made me smile.

    Thank you!

  4. Valkryie Knit This

    hahaha.. Sorry. Didn’t mean to laugh. I can just so picture that happening to me. 🙂

    I one time put my jacket on IN the HOUSE (where it had been all night) and I felt a sharp pain in my shoulder and went.. ow ow sewing needle? ow ow.. took off my jacket and saw the yellow jacket on my shouler. In the house. In November. WTF? Yeah. I squished that MOFo.


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