Corn-fused in my flashdance days…

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I had a science teacher in 8th grade who used to compare confused and corn-fused. I can’t remember the witty story he told, but corn-fused was the worse of the two. And right now I am corn-fused.

Is Knitpicks shine twist made of some sort of super stretchy material that grows by leaps and bounds when touching human flesh? Let’s review.

I did the math for my 44″ bust version of the Tivoli tee. I consulted grumperina. She advised that my neck might be a little low. I ignored that wise advise. Grumperina rocks by the way. She’s on my list of folks to buy patterns from when she starts selling. She was super helpful with all my sizing questions. But I screwed it all up. And this is what I end up with.

First we have the oh so unflattering flashdance neckline. Immodest does not cover it.

And then we have the space where the boobs of death could fit. Cause if my boobs filled out this space, I’d be a what? A 40M bust? I’m already a 40D. Geez louise.

That is not fully stretched out. That is “gently” stretched out. The sweater measures 44″ at the bust, which is exactly what I was shooting for. My bust measures 46″ at the biggest point. And I wanted a little hug for the girls. My gauge is perfect. But this shirt, when put on my body is a shiny twisty flashdance tent of gargantuan boobiness.

I know. That doesn’t make any sense. But I’m peeved. Three days of work down the drain. Right now I have cast on for the 37″ version of the tivoli tee as written. I will try it on every other round to make sure it fits I guess. I was really hoping to nail this pattern. I have my cotton ease stash to think about you know.


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