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Once upon a time, a fledgling designer felt she needed a name for her brand stinking new design company, and so she brainstormed. And she asked for input. And she came up with PicnicKnits. And then she had logos made with picnic baskets full of yarn and she was going to write patterns that helped folks realize that everything in knitting was pretty much some combination of knits and purls and therefore a picnic.



Ok, writing in third person is super weird. So, let’s cut to the chase and say that I outgrew that name years and years ago. But I could never find something that was quite right. And I worried about changing the name when I had a good business attached to it. And then, I started a new job. For two years I was editor of a magazine. And PicnicKnits kind of slipped into nothingness. But then the print magazine went the way so many print things are going today – that is, it went away. And all of the sudden I was faced with this dead business I had neglected, wearing a name I didn’t love, and oh hey you’re an empty nester now too, and what in the heck are you going to do with your life?

I spent some time really thinking about what I want to do and what kind of business I want, and what I enjoy and so now I am starting on a new path. The new path will include lots of the old stuff. I adore knitting and yarn and knit design. But I crocheted for 25 years before I ever picked up a knitting needle so that’s coming to play too! And there are so many other yarn and fiber crafts I want to explore and master and hopefully someday teach. I do so love to teach!

I will be designing, and doing all sorts of yarn crafting, and tech editing, and teaching! So, come along with me as I really start digging into more and more of the yarn world and sharing more of what I love and make with you. I can’t wait to show you what I have in store!



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