Crazy is as crazy does.

by | Dec 5, 2011 | Uncategorized

Yep, the crazy. I’ve got it. It might be contagious. Christmas is three weeks away, and I’ve decided that I need to design and knit stockings for the entire family. Including the dog. I’m a lunatic.
I am trying to minimize the crazy though. I’m knitting them in Lamb Pride’s Bulky. So the cast-on is only 42 sts. And the cabled version you see on the table has 48 sts in the main body of the stocking. So it’s not totally asylum fodder.


Unless you take into consideration the fact that I’m convinced that each of the stockings has to be unique and different. No… I couldn’t design just one stocking and knit five of them. That would be too easy. Commit me now.

And to add just a little extra pinch of madness I thought it might be a great time to sit down and cut out all the coupons and start couponing again. Yep, I’m certifiable.

In not so crazy news, Berlioz – the final song of the Seven Songs has been released. I’ll blog about it tomorrow and there will be a contest to win that gorgeous skein of yellow yarn that I didn’t use!

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  1. Sharon

    I’m sending the people in little white jackets. You are insane. Can’t wait to see them, though!


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