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This pattern started with a tweet. Before I had completely formulated the plan Liberty’s Yarn was offering yarn support. And when I received the gorgeous yarn, I knew there was a gorgeous leafy motif I wanted to incorporate. And so it went.

We won’t speak of my math-impaired brain or how I frantically knit the sample for this in a 2-day coffee-powered Doctor Who haze. The shaping on this is simple and works quite nicely and makes a wide crescent shaped shawlette that is easy to wrap around around you. The small size is 60″ wide and 12″ deep. The large size is 72″ wide and 15″ deep.


This shawl is named after the March of Spring by Frederick Delius. I went to my favorite used book store – Chamblin’s Bookmine – to see if I could find any books about Frederick Delius.


I stood in front of the composers section at the book store. This is the biggest, best bookstore I have ever been in by the way – 55,000 square feet of books. Miles and miles of aisles of books. Every sort imaginable. If you want it, they have it. And they have the best employees – true bookworms – who can always help you find what you need. But I stood there trying to find something on Delius. He’s a bit obscure, so nothing jumped out at me. Until I saw the word “Samarkand” on a book spine. We listened to a great fantasy story a while back about the Amulet of Samarkand. So that was the very first book I pulled off the shelf.


Yep, Frederick Delius. I stood there in amazement, and I think I must have been talking to myself in amazement because the lady next to me gave me an odd look and scurried away. Knitting this shawlette was an adventure, and with Liberty‘s gorgeous Bluetopia yarn I loved every stitch.


Delius is the second of the Seven Songs. It’s available in the e-book for $21.95 – and there are five more patterns coming. Or you can buy it individually for $6.00

And with this song there is a special bonus. Liberty kindly sent me two skeins of the Absinthe Bluetopia, so you have an opportunity to win a skein! Comment on this entry and you will be entered to win your very own skein. I will draw the winner on Friday!


  1. Kerri

    That is really beautiful! Makes me kind of want to try to pick up my abandoned 1st shawl project.

  2. Kimberly

    What a gorgeous shawl!!!!

  3. sunnyknitter

    It’s lovely, now I just have to decide on size!

  4. Mommyknitz

    Another winner! Your brain kinda amazes me. Just beautiful.

  5. LaLa


  6. Katinka

    What a unique and pretty design! 🙂

  7. Clea Stagnitti

    The shawl is just amazing as is the story. One of my favorite things to hear about knitting is the story that goes with every piece.

  8. cynthia

    I love how designers are inspired by everything around them. The shawlette is lovely!

  9. Spinningmommy

    Very nice. Looks like it would be joy to wear.

  10. Donna

    Love, love, love the shawl!!! Just went to Rav and downloaded it-it’s printing right now 🙂 Chamblin’s Bookmine was one of our must see stops in Jacksonville when we were there in April…I could have stayed all day!

  11. Christa

    Love the new Shawl! Going now to go purchase the pattern booklet. 🙂

  12. Melissa

    It is lovely! I think I’m going to cast on for that after I finish the Pettine I’m currently knitting

  13. Jieun

    I have been looking forward to this pattern. It is just stunning! Great work.

  14. sillylittlelady

    I love that leaf motif! Its gorgeous 🙂 Great giveaway too!

  15. Brand New Delius Pattern from PicnicKnits! @

    […] in her amazing Seven Songs collection! And if you pop over to her site now, you can enter to win a skein of the yarn used to make this stunning […]

  16. Frida

    I love this type of shawl design, it’s so wearable. The leaf design is gorgeous as well!

  17. Tilly

    Lovely shawl – perfect for my friends birthday I think.And what a bookstore – my kind of place!

  18. Anjanette

    I love the shawl and the story behind it.
    Especially: how I frantically knit the sample for this in a 2-day coffee-powered Doctor Who haze

    Thanks for sharing!

  19. SwedishRose

    So pretty!

  20. PlainJane

    Beautiful! I love the leafy motif.

  21. Brandy

    This is simply gorgeous!

  22. Courtney

    This is gorgeous. The color is so pretty.

  23. bandknito

    coffee + Dr Who = pure genius!

  24. Jeanette Zimmerli

    Love the shawl,these are patterns i’m going to have to get. Would love to win the yarn for one.

  25. Kam

    Wow, I love the pattern and the yarn.
    The bookstore is pretty amazing. Our used bookstores are not as nice and you have to hunt.

  26. Trillian42

    Ooh – I was waiting to see how the green would inspire you! Love it!
    Can’t wait to see how the rest of the Songs develop…

  27. Christel

    As usual, your design is BEAUTIFUL!!! And I love the way you are choosing to name this series. The Bookmine is fabulous, we buy and sell there regularly (well, hubby more than me).

  28. Terri

    That is gorgeous!

  29. lisa

    you do really lovely work! i can’t wait to see what other song plays!!!

  30. 39 and running | Picnic Knits

    […] and don’t forget to comment on the Delius blog entry – I’ll be choosing a winner for the gorgeous skein of Absinthe Bluetopia from […]

  31. One Sheep

    That’s so lovely, the motif is perfect for that gorgeous green.

  32. Joni

    Wow this shawl is beautiful! Along with coffee and Dr. Who – full of win!

  33. Brenda

    A beautiful new shawl pattern and a contest…woohoo! Love the new design!

  34. Heather

    It is a beautiful shawl.The green leaf is well done and really stands out.

  35. Susan

    Gorgeous shawl….I love your patterns!

  36. Susan

    Beautiful! Looks. Like a mossy pool against the brick!

  37. Ro

    How pretty! I like hearing about your process.

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