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So… I’ve been happily tooling along on my most recent Jaywalker attempt. 76 stitches, size 1 addis, stargazer lily sock garden. The leg is tight over the heel, but I can work it. And it’s not a sock fit for King Kong.

So I should be happy right? Wrong.

This is what I’m thinking. Wouldn’t the stargazer lily look just absolutely gorgeous as a flower basket shawl?

I never said I was normal.


  1. mamma

    I do love that stargazer lily. Do you think the sock yarn would double for lace? It would be lovely.

  2. Jennifer

    It would be lovely as a shawl. However, wouldn’t you get more use out of it as socks?

  3. Loves2knit

    I agree that the yarn would be great as a shawl! But I’m partial to shawls. There are so many sock yarn choices to make the Jaywalker pattern with. But not all sock yarns speak to be a shawl 🙂

  4. Will Pillage For Yarn

    That’s gorgeous! But if you are unhappy with the sock, frog frog frog and make something you like!

  5. my argyle socks

    Sigh. I love me some stargazer lily…why not be the coolest girl in the world with matching socks and shawl?


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