Did I shave my legs for this?

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Actually yes, yes I did. And you should be grateful I did before I snapped this picture. I needed new shoes to train for the 3-day. When I walked 3 miles on Tuesday my old shoes gave me a big honking blister. So I hit up Rack Room today just to see if maybe they had any New Balance shoes for a reasonable price. And they did! Scored these babies for $35.99! I figure I will need two new pair a couple of months before the race, but these should get me through until then. Five miles on the calendar tomorrow morning!

Oh and I need donations! Desperately! So here’s my thought. I easily know 500 people online via social networking, Facebook, knitting, Ravelry and all of that. If everyone could just donate $5 I would easily blow my $2300 goal right out of the water. And if you are a knitter, I have a bonus for you. If you donate $5 or more I will give you a free PicnicKnits pattern of your choice. Just leave your pattern choice in the comments after you donate!


  1. Kaia

    Oh, how I wish that the website took Paypal, then I would’ve donated by now! Will do it tomorrow, when I can be bothered to find my card and fill out the billing info and all that crazy stuff. And then I’ll let you know which one of your shiny patterns that I’ve meant to buy!
    Glad you bought new shoes, btw, I’ve started working out and my knees have been giving me major trouble. I just got new shoes and it’s doing a world of difference!

  2. Heather Wardell

    Go back to the shoe place and get double-layer socks. They are amazing at preventing blisters. Any run/walk supply store should have them. I used to have terrible blister issues and haven’t had any for over a year!
    And good luck with the training!

  3. christine from Jax

    Keep up the good work. When you are finished, you will feel good about working toward such a great cause as well as working toward your own good health. I had a friend who completed the race last year. She also had some problems with donations, even though we work at a hospital with a LOT of potential donors!! So good luck-don’t forget to solicit from your other connections: kid’s school, church…

  4. Robyn (KnitChickBoston)

    I know how hard the fundraising is. I ran the Boston Marathon for the Stroke Association earlier this year, and had to pay a bit out of pocket to reach my minimum. So I was happy to help and to submit the matching form to my employer. Good luck in the event! It’s such a worthy cause.
    I’m working on my 5th or 6th Gaenor right now. Absolutely LOVE that pattern! When you get a chance, I’d love the Bakersfield pattern.

    Thanks much, and diaper rash cream works well for chafing in sensitive areas. You’ll know what I mean when you get to the longer distances…


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