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Diseased I am. I wonder if this will be like my CE affliction. Maybe you don’t remember it. I picked up a couple of balls of cotton-ease and fell in love. But alas, it was discontinued. So then I began to stockpile the crap. CEHD – Cotton-Ease Hoarding Disease is what they call it. What happened to my CE stash you might ask? Well… I knit a chickami out of some white. And I’m 75% done with a hopeful in sugarplum. And I have six pristine balls of bubblegum set aside for sitcom chic. But the rest of it? Ah yes. The rest of it has been sold, traded, or destroyed.

I do have a complete sock now. Actually I have two. But the other one doesn’t count. I have my beautiful making waves sock. It’s so soft, and so lovely. And I plan to cast on for it’s mate tonight while watching Gilmore Girls & Supernatural.

But today I got a bug up my butt and decided I needed to sample some more of the Knitpicks sock yarns. (Actually I blame the folks on Knitter’s Review for this…) So I got some dancing in Jig, some simple stripes in Vineyard, some parade in Forest, some more sock garden in Star Gazer Lily, and just for good measure, two hanks of color your own. Cause I really want to try dyeing. Maybe some yummy kool-aid flavors?

So… once I get all of this yarn in house, plus the swap yarn I arranged for off of the knittyboard, I will have enough yarn to make at least 17 pairs of socks. Not including the pretty mystery sock yarn which I have upwards of 800 yards of. *sigh*


  1. mamma

    It’s another one of those bugs that is passes via blog. I’m just getting over a nasty case of the knitpick sock yarn obsession (ksyo). Can’t wait to see all 19 of your socks.

  2. Jennifer

    I’m also infected. I’ve heard there is no cure.

  3. haze

    You are so good at socks. I have completed ONE! Please email me at bklynwriter929 [at] gmail [dot] com. It looks like I will be moving to Jacksonville by the end of the year, and I have a million questions to ask of a current resident.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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