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by | Nov 22, 2008 | Uncategorized

It’s 7:25PM on a Friday night. And I’m ready to go to bed. I think I might be coming down with something. So I shall sleep it off. Of course it could just be a Twilight hangover. Four books in four days. I didn’t love the last one, but overall the series was very entertaining.
So I come into the office to steal the computer from the man for a few minutes (to keep up my blogging streak – natch!) and to tell him I’m going to bed. He laughs at me and then gives me puppy dog eyes. “Honey? Will you knit me a toboggan?” And I say, “Of course. I dyed that yarn just for you.” And I pull out the yarn and toss it at him.

He puts it up to his face and smells it.

Um, that was odd. So I grab the camera and start taking pictures. And he starts doing this…



And I am not surprised because I am married to a goober. But then I look at the pictures on the computer, and he asks if I see what he was going for. “You must pay the rent! But I can’t pay the rent!” Yes, he is a huge goober. But the goober doesn’t have much hair, and I’ve *never* knitted anything for him, and he really does need a hat. So I guess that’s next!


  1. ruthee

    Knit that man a hat!

  2. TrishTheDish

    God love that man!!!


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