Do you wanna knuckle sammich?

by | Apr 5, 2005 | Uncategorized

My knuckle hurts. The one on my index finger on my right hand. From knitting. Arrgggh!

So I’m still working on Sophie, but it’s slow going, cause, yeah, my knuckle hurts. Also it’s after 10 and I’m still in my robe. DST is kicking my ass.

My husband is just pining for some socks. So I got to get to work on that. Seriously.

In other news, I was in a craft shop the other day. And I saw a book of patterns that I was flipping through. And one in the bag (a little evening bag) looked strangely familiar. It was a pattern that the teacher at my first (and only) knitting class had passed out in class. Isn’t that illegal? It was photocopies. With no note as to where it came from. In fact, she claimed it was her very own pattern. Now the book said otherwise. And her pages came from the book. So unless there is some wierd pattern property rights thing going on where the teacher lady designed it and someone stole it from her, printed it, and said they designed it and the teacher lady is just printing out copies aka stealing it out of principal…. Well you get the gist. My teacher was a big fat liar.

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  1. Jennifer

    Yes, you are not supposed to do that. Some people aren’t that familiar with copyright laws or disregard them.


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