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We had interesting ideas for Halloween this year. A whole theme with ninjas, and a geisha, and a samurai. But the man’s work got in the way, so the grand plans we had were never executed. So we went a different direction. The ninjas (a normal one and a deadpool one) were already ready to go. But we had a Halloween party at 6pm and it was 11am. Go time!
The man’s costume was easy. But mine required a lot of spray paint…


And some beads and some yarn (which naturally I have a ton of)…


And some cotton and a glue gun and some more spray paint…


And et voila!


I love the way you can see how the boys are smiling in their eyes. And Marge would not be complete without her Homer…


I love the beer can he made up. Actually the man did 90% of our costumes. All I did was sew the tube dress for myself and do our makeup. And if you kids want to do this at home, it’s really easy. The shoes were just old ballet flats. The necklace was 25mm wooden beads (19 of them) strung on yarn and spray painted red. The dress just green t-shirt fabric (from the clearance at Jo-Ann’s) sewn into an A-line tube dress and held up with clear elastic around my neck. I made it tight around the chest so it would stretch and stay on. The hair is a small Halloween bucket that fit my head. The man added a tube of cardboard, which he secured with duct tape. He spray painted the headform blue and then hot glued on a million cotton balls. (Seriously, we used 2.5 bags of triple size cotton balls). Then he spray painted the cotton balls blue. The makeup was hard. We didn’t want to spend a fortune on yellow makeup. So we dusted ourselves with yellow eyeshadow. I added the lines to his head in black eyeliner, and colored his normally grey goatee (which he trimmed short) with brown eyeshadow.

Add some mixed drinks and you have a happy Halloween!



  1. trillian42

    OK, you are the cutest Marge Simpson ever! What a GREAT costume!

  2. Heather Wardell

    Those are great costumes! So creative!
    My favourite past costume for me was “magic 8 ball”. I wore black, attached an 8 to my stomach, and carried a bag of sayings like “Answer hazy” and “All signs point to no”. (I looked up ‘magic 8 ball’ online to get the accurate sayings.) People loved it, and it was so easy.

    But I did not look as good as you guys do! 🙂

  3. Batty

    That’s a fabulous costume! Love the hair and the Duff beer. I hope you mostly stayed inside, though, because the Marge dress doesn’t look like it would keep you warm.

  4. Sara

    Everyone looks great!

  5. One Sheep

    Fun Fun Fun! I love the Homer Hairline.

  6. Karyn/Kaia

    Oh man, this may just be the most amazing Halloween costume EVER. Love the Marge hair!


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