Don’t do the math!

by | Nov 15, 2007 | Uncategorized

When will I ever learn? I’ve been working on Mr. Greenjeans for less than 2 weeks. I’m making fantastic progress although I’ve slowed a bit due to insane busy-ness. But then I did the math.

Check the clock. 10:27. Work one row. What time is it? 10:38. You want sixteen inches of body at 6.5 rows per inch and each row takes you how long???? Expletives are the appropriate response here. All told if I trust the math I have 20 hours plus still of work on this baby. Suck-tastic.

But look how pretty it looks….


  1. TeresaB

    Which is way faster then it would take me, so stop complaining.

    Seriously, it looks so pretty.

  2. Kelley

    Puhlease. You’ve only got like, just a smidge over 19 hours to go. You can finish that bad boy before the weekend’s over! Then you can start on one for me. he he!!

  3. Batty

    It’s very pretty! But… don’t you know that asking me not to do the math makes me want to do it even more?


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