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by | Dec 7, 2011 | Uncategorized

…that you have to comment on the Berlioz blog post if you want a chance to win the gorgeous Swoolk yarn from Fiddleknits. I will be closing comments and drawing a winner first thing tomorrow morning!
The stockings are actually coming along – believe it or not. The first one is done – here’s a grainy cellphone picture of it:

Family Stocking #1

The second one is in progress even! I’m debating whether to do two designs and knit each one in red and green or do four designs. The fifth one is for the dog, so his will be a bit different. Yes, I’m planning on knitting a stocking for the dog. Yes, he gets presents. No, we are not crazy dog people.

How’s your Christmas knitting coming?

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  1. Brenda

    A stocking for the dog…I love it! Your first one of the bunch turned out adorable. We give presents to our animals, too. Um, er, I mean Santa does. 😀


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