Don’t knit sweaters for dead squirrels.

by | Jul 9, 2008 | Uncategorized

It’s always good to start the morning with a belly laugh. And I needed it. Needed it badly. Last night I was up late proofing lace charts (again!) and then when I finally tried to sleep I couldn’t. I’ve been having odd dreams about ghosts and eating money. No, literally eating money. I dream that I am putting money in my mouth and eating it. And I wake up feeling like a reject from an Orbit commercial – dirty mouth? Because everyone knows how dirty money is. But we move on.

Yesterday while I was proofing lace charts and doing laundry, the boys did their first foray into the world of stop motion animation. It’s short, but cute, so enjoy!


  1. Sharon

    I love the film! The camera motion in there is tres cool!

  2. Sandra Singh

    Great video! And thanks for the knitting related laugh, we always need one!

  3. Dana

    Your kids are so absolutely awesome!!I am continuously impressed with their talents.
    Tell them it is fantastic!!!

  4. Eric

    My kid loved the animation. I can’t wait for the holiday special.

  5. Batty

    That’s a great Dilbert, it really made me laugh.
    Oh, and your kids are super talented. Not that you need me to tell you that…

  6. Shannon

    I love that comic! I needed a laugh tonight. 🙂

  7. kimber

    TO COOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the video!


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