Eight is the new seven

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A while ago I posted seven things about me. On my way to 100. Jackie just did an eight things meme. So I’m gonna be a judy joiner and add 8 more things to my list.
8. I’ve only been knitting since January of 2005. So four years total. But it was one of the things that once I got it, I got it. I tackled technique after technique with astonishing speed, and now I think I knit at least some every single day.

9. I have port wine stains on the bottom of my feet. When I was a child I was very self-conscious about them. But no one really notices them except for the pedicurist. When I was pregnant I was worried the boys would end up with them, and I had nightmares about them having them on their faces. But they don’t.

10. I have tons, no really tons of freckles. I have odd skin. My mom’s family is all European/peasant type stuff – Irish, German, English, Scottish. She comes from a long-line of redheads and has even more freckles than me. My dad’s family is mostly Native American & German. I get my hair (the strength, texture, etc.) from his side of the family. When I was younger I tanned very easily. Now I burn and I freckle. Across my face, all over my arms. You couldn’t count all these freckles.

11. I’ve only lived in three states. Ohio – where I grew up, and spent the 10 years before I moved here. Florida, where I’ve been for nearly five years. And Nebraska.  A pox on Nebraska. Two of the worst years of my life. But I made some good friends there. Let’s not talk about Nebraska anymore, m’kay?

12. I am a human calculator. Most days. I do the “what is the absolute best deal on the diet pepsi math” in my head. Whenever I hear strings of numbers I start to add them up. I can do math in my head that a lot of people I know can’t do with pencil and paper.

13. My very first job was in a Chinese take-out place. I ran the counter, and the cooks in the back taught me how to stir-fry and make won-tons. I don’t remember the name of the place, but I loved the crispy noodles!

14. I messed up college the first time. I had a full-ride scholarship, but I fell in love and I blew it. Blew it like nobody’s business. And then I moved to Nebraska. Ouch! How did we get there again? I messed up so bad, I’ve spent this 2nd time around re-taking classes just so I can get my GPA back on the scale!

15. I like people. I probably like you. No, really. I always want to give people the benefit of the doubt (see no. 7) and I make friends easily. I just like people. I wish people would stop disappointing me, but I can’t let go of the idea that most people are good. They have to be.

I really don’t like tagging. So I’m gonna copy Jackie (again!) and list eight bloggers (besides her) that I love to read. So click away and meet a new friend!

Kimber, Batty, Mamma, Cadence, TurtleGirl, Trillian, KnottyLa, & MinervaTurkey


  1. Jackie

    The human calculator part makes sense with your quest to be a math teacher!
    Our college careers are similiar….I messed up hugely too and guess what? Ended up married which was not a good move on many levels!

  2. trillian42

    Heh… I’m the opposite of a human calculator. I have a degree in math, but I stink at basic arithmetic. It’s a little pitiful sometimes. 😀

  3. Sharon

    I leaned how to knit in January 2005 too! In Jacksonville, even. We’re knitting twins!

  4. Lynn

    Re: number 15. I am right there with you. I think people are basically good, so it stings so much when they don’t follow through.

  5. Daniele

    I grew up in Ohio as well (still here), and lived in Florida for four years during….. we have stuff in common! 🙂
    Also, if you are a human calculator, I am a phone book. I can remember phone numbers for people that I met years ago. I used to work for an attorney in Florida who would call out his clients’ names from his office and I would yell back in their phone numbers! I still remember some of them as well!!!


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