Ennui is contagious.

by | May 30, 2008 | Uncategorized

ennui a feeling of weariness and dissatisfaction
And it’s contagious, or so says Michel on Gilmore Girls. So don’t sit too close to me at Knit-In. Geez. I’ve spent this whole week trying to get started on this Jivelle hat for my summer hat class at KnitWitz. And even though I knew what I wanted, nothing was swatching out right. This morning I picked up the Stitchionaries that I had on hold at the library. Finally, a simple cable pattern that looked right but wouldn’t eat up too much yarn.


I have four inches done now and I’ve only used 28g of yarn. Which is spectacular, because this hat needs a brim of course. Also, it’s coming along very quickly. I cast on just before dinner and I’m already this far along.

I need to do some cleaning and reorganization in my office. It’s kind of a pit right now. Actually the entire house is showing signs of my ennui. I suppose I could be smart and realize that the state of the house is contributing to my ennui as well, but that seems like a bit too much introspection.

In other news, I think I might prefer the Stitchionaries over the Harmony Guides. Oh and yeah, guess which set I own? Yeah. Of course I might just be petty. The harmony guides all say “250” on the front cover. For the number of stitch patterns provided. Ok, I’ll give you stockinette and garter. And even though reverse stockinette is pushing it, I’ll let that one slide. But in the lace book, the same stitch pattern is shown at least three times with three different names. And in the cable book there are duplicates as well. Do some editing people! I guess the Stitchionaries are up next on my must buy list!


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