Broken Chocolate Socks

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Broken Chocolate Bar Socks – A Sock Recipe

Once upon a time I tried to make some chocolate bar socks. I had the perfect yarn, and I actually measured a Hershey bar to make the blocks the right size and shape. (Yes I am that person). But it did not work out as I envisioned. I felt thwarted and dejected. But one fine day I was thumbing through one of those stitch-pattern-a-day type dealie-bobs and I saw it. It was perfect – it was simple, but interesting. And it looked like broken bars of chocolate.

The best part is that it’s only a 3-stitch pattern. So you can make socks of any size or shape. So I decided to do something different. Instead of telling you how many to cast-on and exactly when to do A, B, and C – you get to decide. This is a recipe, not a pattern.

I’m starting to think that free is like the most popular word on my blog nowadays. Free, free, free. Well it’s your lucky day. Because this pattern is free. Download now!!!




  1. Brenda

    Corrina, you’ve just made my day! Not only do I get a free pattern that is super cute….there’s a recipe for chocolate/peanut butter buckeyes at the end!!! I think when I cast these on, I’ll need to bring some buckeyes to knitting, what’d you think? Let me guess…let you know when I cast on, right? You’re wonderful…thanks for both!

  2. ruthee

    Nice!! These will look good on Baby Daddy! Thanks for sharing!


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