Everybody do the booga!

by | Mar 28, 2005 | Uncategorized

My booga bag is almost done. I should have pics up soon of the felted and unfelted versions.

Notes on Noro: It’s beautiful. I used Kureyon #95 (same as the pattern called for) and the colors are just to die for. Also for 100% wool, it’s surprisingly soft. I’m not good at choosing colors on my own, so I tend to stick to what the patterns calls for. Of course I guess any of the colors of the Kureyon would booga beautifully. I thought the #95 with all the yellows and greens would work for spring though. The only thing I am hating are the knots! I’ve found two knots in each skein so far. (I’ve knitted up two). The knots in and of themselves are quite annoying. But they aren’t in keeping with the color scheme!!!!! So I’m playing this horrible cut and paste game with yarn that costs $9 for a measly 50g (1.75 oz). I mean, I’m sorry, but that is just plum ridiculous!

Hopefully the bag will be so gorgeous and wonderful that I will forget all about this nonsense. But who knows.

In other news, my teeny-bopper that helps at Sunday school was admiring my orange & hot pink Meema tote, saying they were her favorite colors. I have some leftover. I’m thinking I might make up a booga type bag for her in those colors. Just cause she’s such a sweetie and a good helper.


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