Everybody’s working for the weekend

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Well not me so much. Since I’ve become a stay at home mom it’s sometimes hard to tell what day of the week it is. When I worked at the newspaper I always knew what the date was, always knew what the time was, and always knew if there was some pressing advertising deadline looming. Now I measure my days in cub scout meetings and band practice, with a little part-time work at the yarn store thrown in for good measure. (Oh hey, I am so not complaining. I love my life. I know how blessed I am!)
So it’s Saturday morning. I did get to sleep in. I refused to answer the phone that rang at 8am. I figure if it’s important they will call back. It wasn’t. I worked yesterday, so I’m getting ready to see where my laundry is. I’m thinking it’s bad. I may or may not have left a load in the washer on Thursday, and in Florida that is not good. Having the washer and dryer in the garage is good for not heating up the house but bad for my forgetful nature.

So I will catch up on housework and knit on my shawl (which is gorgeous by the way) and try to think about organizing my time better. But it’s Saturday and even though I’m not working for the weekend anymore, it still feels like a lazy day.


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  1. Batty

    After watching my SIL, I figured out that Stay at Home Mom is a misnomer. It should be “Woman who is on duty 24/7” or some such. I think there should be a SAHM uniion.


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